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3 Card Brag. . .

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. . .New Version - Features Include
  • Select Amount of Players
  • 'Blind' Betting allowed
  • Enter Players Names
  • Easy To Follow GamePlay Screens

Information :
The program that is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on these pages has evolved from an original design that was part of a recent HND project (Distinction Awarded). Rather than just leave it on a disc somewhere to be forgotten about, I decided to make it available FREE to whoever has an interest in simple card games. Feedback received from various 'players' has enabled me to improve the original design to create what is now Version 3.0.

Feedback :
If you have any further feedback please let me know. All of the improvements made in Version 3.0 have been incorporated due to the feedback that was received. bragfeedback@nelsonsdomain.co.uk

How To Use New Features :
When the game screen first loads, select the settings menu option. From here you can select Amount of Players to play against, enter players names and select Blind Betting (if required).
The default game will be six players and no Blind Betting if settings are not altered.

Rules (of Brag) :
There are many variations of rules within the Brag game, some varying from Public House to Public House. The rules for these games are designed around a fairly basic set of rules. Within this game there are no wildcards or 'braggers'. In Three Card Brag, three 3's is the highest possible ranking hand The highest run is Ace, King, Queen and the lowest is 3, 2, Ace. For a more detailed explaination of the rules for this software version click here

Links :

Downloads :
There are three files available for FREE download. Screenshots of each software version are shown below. For more information go to the download page.

Screenshots :
Version 3.0
Version 2.0
Version 1.0 (3 Cards)
Version 1.0 (7 Cards)
Click on screenshot for larger Image