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1. Each term consists of TEN WEEKS and will not therefore correspond with the school term.

2. Fees should be paid on the first week of each term. An envelope will be given to parents on the last day of each term. Please return immediately or during the following week with fee enclosed. If a period of five swimming lessons is missed without informing the teacher, your place will be offered to a child on the waiting list.

3. If you do not receive an envelope for any reason the fee should still be handed in, in an envelope of your own with the name of the child and day/time of class clearly stated.

4. The pool is climate controlled and parents are not allowed through to the pool area in any circumstances, other than on Watch Week

5. Parents may watch their child's lesson on the designated Watch Week, normally the last week of term. See Notice Board. NO OUTSIDE FOOTWEAR IS ALLOWED TO BE WORN IN THE POOL AREA.

6. From age 7, children should use the correct changing area to prevent embarrassing moments, i.e. boys in boys' changing room and girls in girls' changing room. Only where your child is aged 7 years or over and needs assistance should a member of the same sex accompany them into the correct changing room. A child changing in the corridors is not permitted.

7. Parents waiting for children during a swimming lesson must wait in the foyer and not sit in the changing rooms. This causes embarrassment to older swimmers and the club has received a number of complaints regarding privacy.

8. No child is under any obligation to join the Club or continue to be a member. There is a waiting list; if your child leaves please inform us and ensure you complete an ASA resignation form.

9. Club notices, concerning schemes or changes, are displayed regularly on the notice board situated in the corridor outside the changing rooms.

10. No nail varnish or jewellery to be worn when swimming as small pieces can be swallowed when in the pool (including earrings in newly pierced ears i.e. the first six weeks).

11. Girls will wear one-piece costumes and boys either trunks or short, fitted swimwear.

12. All children must have a shower before coming through to the pool area.

13. Badges, goggles & swimming caps are available to buy through teachers.

14. The responsibility of the Swimming Teachers for your child/ren is for the pool area only. Parents are fully responsible for their child/ren outside the pool area.

15. Please endeavour to bring your child/ren at the correct time for lessons and arrange prompt collection to exclude the possibility of a child being stranded or at risk.

16. The Club hires only the pool from the school; we ask your child/ren does not touch school property and respects school property at all times. The school has complained about the following and we would remind you playing outside on the school grounds, together with ball games in reception are not permitted. It is dangerous for children to sit on the wall or climb on the radiators in the corridor. Dogs are not allowed on school premises including all outside areas and playing fields.

17. Parents are asked to park in the car park next to the new sports hall and not at the front of the school. Complaints regarding noise, have been received from local residents and we would therefore ask you to bear this in mind as you arrive and leave.

18. To prevent accidents in the pool - which results in 24 hr pool closure, please do not allow your children to eat 2 hours before swimming.

19. Complaints should be referred to the club chairman - see club notice board for contact details.

20. The committee at their discretion and on behalf of the club has the right to refuse or terminate membership at any given time and without reason or prior notice.

21. FIRE ALARM. Any child or parent in a changing room or corridor or foyer when the fire alarm is activated must leave the building immediately using a towel or whatever is available as a wrap and not wait to finish dressing. Go to the 'Meeting Point' - the Sports Hall car park - where you will meet children and teachers who were in the pool area at the time of the alarm.

22. It is parents/carers responsibility to keep the club informed and uptodate with any change/addition to swimmers medical history or personal details such as address, phone no, emergency contact details.

23. Taking of photographs in the changing rooms is prohibited. The use of a mobile/ipod/ect being used as a camera/video is strictly forbidden within the changing facilities at any pool.

24. Parents and members are requested to register their intention with the club, prior to taking photos in the pool area - watch week and galas included. Photographs taken should fall within ASA guidelines, see www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/wavepower/.

Version Dated - 09.05.2013